How Roofing Companies Can Change the Look of Your Abode Through Installing Skylights

Having skylights installed by expert roofing contractors in Lockport such as can completely change the look and feel of your office or home as it brings in natural light and warmth. In many instances, skylights are referred to as roof lights. In retrospect, there is little to no difference to the various terminologies used as they serve the same purpose in providing an opening in the roof that is supported by a rooflight sheet.

What Makes Skylights So Unique?

They will let in, on average, five times more light than what an equivalent area of a vertical window would. Sky-lighting is a very economical and practical way of increasing light naturally. Also, it will significantly boost the energy efficiency of the building.

Skylights would also enhance aesthetics with views of dramatic landscapes or skies, including the moon and stars at night.

Design Considerations Roofers Need to Think About

Skylights also work well as sloped glazing systems where it serves as roof lights or skylights. It should be inclined at just the right angle to ensure sufficient condensation and for controlling water infiltration, and to minimize the accumulation of dirt above purlin framing supports.

The beauty of skylights is that they can be fitted to virtually any roof type such as:

  • Pitched
  • Ridged
  • Flat Roofs
  • Eaves and wall

Just be aware that all glazing materials are breakable. Such failure may not be recognizable as breakage can happen all of a sudden. Sometimes, one would even notice it.

Glass breakage is an actual possibility because of the minute characteristics of identical panes.


Setting up glazing bars on extrusions will make an allowance for adequate drainage and water penetration to the outside of the structure. One of the most vital functions of a skylight is to prevent the penetration of rain. If it cannot fulfill this function, then it will fail to serve its purpose.

Most manufacturers supply pre-made flashings to match specific Lockport roofing types and skylights. They need to offer a guarantee after the installation has been completed.


Even though condensation does not necessarily affect human safety, it is regarded as necessary when it comes to the design of overhead glazing systems. Space enclosures and skylights should be mechanically designed by making use of guttered weep systems to control water infiltration and condensation. The use of architectural systems that are used for vertical applications needs to be discouraged as they cannot drain condensation.

Air Leakage

Too much air leakage will result in a lot of drafts, discomfort to the occupants and wind noise, which can be a significant source of energy loss.


The primary purpose of a skylight framing system is to provide a support and water control system that is structurally sound. For this purpose, most glazing and aluminum materials have high strength, but low stiffness. Therefore, deflection criteria are in place to control the selection process of various structural components.

Thermal Factors to Take into Consideration

For most orientations, inclined glazing applications or incident solar radiation will be higher than your vertical glazing because of the inclination or angle it is at. Also, thermal stresses might be higher because they are dependent on the glass center to edge the temperature difference and not just on the solar radiation level. Increased radiation can affect the overall performance of any glazing material. Usually, the brochures printed by glazing material manufacturers will make provision for the performance criteria such as the U values and shading coefficients.


To choose the right material for a specific application concerning the true load strength will depend on the design load of the building in which the glazing material will be subjected. The selection of the required design load would be the responsibility of the specifier in conjunction with the designer of the particular skylight. When the design load has been established, the proper glazing thickness can be selected by using the strength information given.

Any glazing materials are made to handle uniform loads. Manufacturers of skylights make it their business to ensure any additional factors to do with the performance of their design are taken care of.

To achieve the best results, speak to reputed roofing companies to advise you on whether skylights would be a suitable choice for your home or office. …

Decorating Your Bathroom and Setting Up Your Roofing on a Budget

Renovating your bathroom on a budget needn’t be a chore.

Luxurious bathroom and stylish roofing needn’t be confined to those with plenty of money.

Spoil yourself with brilliant budget bathrooms.

We’ll look at some cheap but effective ideas to get a beautiful bathroom on a budget.

Get creative!

Have some fun!

Save money!

Update Your Bathroom Suite and Spruce Up Your Roofing Area

Before you discount a new bathroom suite, consider a budget suite, ex-display or discounted lines.

You can get a whole suite and fit it yourself, with a little DIY knowledge – especially if you are not changing the layout of the bathroom.

If you don’t want to change your whole bathroom suite, instead try fitting smart, modern taps.

If your current bath is a little stained or discolored, try resurfacing it – you can now buy special kits to do just this, at a reasonable price.

Similarly, you can alter the appearance of worn out shingles. Especially after years and years of constantly being exposed to harsh weather and wind, your roof shingles would curl, and the roofing area would be exposed for all to see. Luckily, you can remedy the situation by sealing down the shingles and safeguard the wooden surface just below using sealant materials. It is an easy and quick process that requires the use of a caulking gun, sealant and a bit of red brick.

Box Your Bathroom In

Through using MDF paneling, you can easily update your bath using new panels. This way, you’ll leave it smooth to ensure a minimal modern touch.

Add tongue-and-groove, or wooden paneling, if you prefer a traditional, or country-style, bathroom.

Use MDF to build a vanity unit around your current basin, or just build a cupboard or shelving, to fit below the basin.

How to Update Boring Tiles

The piece of advice about to follow comes in handy for updating dull tiling.

If your tiles are dated or have seen better days, get a natural new look when decorating your bathroom, with a tile update.

Depending on your budget, and the time available:

  • Tile over your old tiles – this just does the whole job, a little quicker and more comfortable.
  • Add tongue-and-groove, or wood paneling, over your old tiles.
  • We find this an especially useful trick (used in my own bathroom!) for covering over tiles that are uneven, or well and truly in the wrong place.
  • Use your tongue-and-groove horizontally, if you want an unusual, modern, dynamic feel.

Painting Your Bath and Roof Tiling

Expert roofers will tell you to calculate the required amount of paint needed by adhering to this plan:

  • Measure the breadth and length of your walls that support the roof, then multiply the area by 1.5. From here, you can roughly estimate the amount of paint required by dividing the area by 7, then multiply this figure by 2 to cover you for two coats. Even though you may end up with excess paint, it will come in handy for any touch-up work needed.
  • For your bathroom tiles, you can make use of a specialist, all-in-one, tile paint or primer that are overcoated by gloss paint in your color choice.
  • Use a quality brush or small gloss roller – I have got a good finish with both.
  • Make sure your tiles are all very clean – use sugar-soap to clean your tiles before you start.
  • Seal the edges well, with some waterproof sealant, to stop the water creeping in at the edges.

No More Worries Over Grubby Grout

Re-grout your tiles to freshen up the feel. Use white, or try out some colored grout.

A word of warning though – again from personal experience, in my previous house – if the tiles have been put on the wall wonky, or crooked, in any way, a contrasting colored grout will really draw this to everyone’s attention.

A grout pen is a good idea, for just cleaning up/tidying your grouting – or for drawing in the grout lines over painted tiles. But it does get a little tedious, after the first few!

Add a row of more expensive, colored or decorative tiles, to a wall of dull tiles.

Try adding one row of ‘fancy’ tiles around a bath and above the basin – this even works well when you tile over the top of old tiles.

Make sure you get a proper finishing edge to either your bathroom tiles or roof shingles to make the job look professional and tidy.…

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